Holiday reflections

SEA&SEADay of rest reflections
Blue skies, Blue water
Thinking of you and glad you are here.

My husband took the initial picture – of course I had to play with it a bit.  This was taken on our kayak trip yesterday (US Labor Day) up the Oak Orchard Creek in western NY.  It was a totally marvelous day!

Sidewalk Ponds

Walking today was a challenge.  Ponds and puddles abound.  We skipped over sidewalk cracks to fall ankle-deep into the ephemeral puddles.  We ventured onto black topped roadways to avoid these ponds only to be splashed by the spray of cars.  The puddles will soon be gone as the day heats up and the rains move on.

Sidewalk pond  (copyright rhudgins 2014)
Sidewalk pond (copyright rhudgins 2014)


Sunday Morning

I woke up to rain and thunder and wet dog kisses,
A nice way to wake up from rambling dreams.

We walk through the tree showers.
Avoiding puddles forming in sidewalk cracks.
The breeze is low and slow
bringing the fragrance of the early morning rain.
The neighborhood is quiet and still
– the only sound is our breath and
the beat of my sandals on the asphalt road.

summer fields  (copyright rhudgins 2014)
summer fields (copyright rhudgins 2014)

July fields are strewn with coreopsis and daisies.
The morning sun peaks between the clouds
with a promise of hotter days.

Here we are again

Summer began the other day.  One of many days that become years.  We have now been in Rochester for 27 years.  I haven’t counted the days, but they have gone slowly gathering steam to disappear behind us in a trail of memories and photographs.

We have decided to sell our home of 23 years and have begun the process of making it ready for sale – packing up the unused mementos and forgotten treasures of our lives.

A chance once more, to  find the mislaid memories written on the back of an envelope, buried in the box of old letters.  Scribbled in the lightly used notebook from 6th grade.

The challenge – what to keep – when I want to save it all – my earlier self – before Rochester, before our son, before  you.

The corsage from my first prom, the letter from a lost friend,  The good citizenship award from 3rd grade.  What should go – what to keep for when the memories are gone. What will remind me of who I am?

Clouds over the Mississippi
Clouds over the Mississippi

A relevant picture to my thoughts tonight. The picture I took visiting family in Dubuque Iowa earlier this month.   Enjoy the following song by Chris Rea.

Song by Chris Rea “When the grey skies turn to blue”



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