Sounds of the seasons

fall geeseAs I stepped out of my car this morning,  the sound of Canada Geese surrounded me.  There were hundreds sitting in the grey water of the pond.   They have gathered, waiting for the right time to leave.  To leave for warmer temperatures,  for sunnier skies.  A few will stay, but now – the sound of fall is the honking and squabbling of Canada Geese.winter

The sound of winter is the cold rush of the north-west wind as it slips under my scarves and hat.  It is the sound of my teeth chattering in the pre-sunrise dark and the crunch of too cold snow.




Spring is the sound of water dripping as ice cycles melt from the roof and the louder cracks of ice blocks breaking along the river’s edge.It is the sound of song birds returning from the south and chattering to their neighbors among the budding trees.




The sound of summer  is the bang, pop and awe of July fireworks.  The rumble of lawn mowers and the yells of children from our neighbor’s swimming pool.

Each season has its own sound and many of them.  These are a few of my favorite things .   What do you hear?

Yellow Leaf Poplars

Standing sentinel  copyright 2014 - rmhudgins
Standing sentinel
copyright 2014 – rmhudgins

Yellow leaf poplars stand as signals,
Marking the end of warm and sunny days.
Canada Geese congregate on local ponds,
forging bonds that last all winter long.
Flights of migrating birds wing past our eyes,
heading south for warmer days.
White-tailed deer in their mindless frolic
ignore signs and end
lifeless on gravel paths that mark the edge of busy highways.

Holiday reflections

SEA&SEADay of rest reflections
Blue skies, Blue water
Thinking of you and glad you are here.

My husband took the initial picture – of course I had to play with it a bit.  This was taken on our kayak trip yesterday (US Labor Day) up the Oak Orchard Creek in western NY.  It was a totally marvelous day!

Sidewalk Ponds

Walking today was a challenge.  Ponds and puddles abound.  We skipped over sidewalk cracks to fall ankle-deep into the ephemeral puddles.  We ventured onto black topped roadways to avoid these ponds only to be splashed by the spray of cars.  The puddles will soon be gone as the day heats up and the rains move on.

Sidewalk pond  (copyright rhudgins 2014)
Sidewalk pond (copyright rhudgins 2014)


Sunday Morning

I woke up to rain and thunder and wet dog kisses,
A nice way to wake up from rambling dreams.

We walk through the tree showers.
Avoiding puddles forming in sidewalk cracks.
The breeze is low and slow
bringing the fragrance of the early morning rain.
The neighborhood is quiet and still
– the only sound is our breath and
the beat of my sandals on the asphalt road.

summer fields  (copyright rhudgins 2014)
summer fields (copyright rhudgins 2014)

July fields are strewn with coreopsis and daisies.
The morning sun peaks between the clouds
with a promise of hotter days.

On and on — the adventures of rhonda hudgins


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