The dog park


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Spring has finally arrived in Rochester.  The temperature hit 61 degrees today, so it was a great day for the dog park.  Today it was dry with lots of people and four-legged friends.  (Last Sunday – it was mostly under water.)  Carwyn and I spent an hours enjoying the sunshine and meeting new friends.  Carwyn is a great socializer – He has to meet and greet every one that comes in.  He also loves to chase balls, other dogs, kids – anything that runs!  All in all, it was a great day!

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Tomorrow – we will venture back to the pond section of the dog park – lots of water to explore and then on the way home Carwyn will get a much-needed bath!

Hope this finds you all enjoying the day!

My brother


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How do you say good bye to some one you only talk to once in a blue moonr?
How do you say good bye to some one you haven’t known in forty years?
How do you say good bye to the bright eyed youngster you grew up with?
The only boy in a house of women and girls, a boy not understood?

How do you say good bye to a stranger – made that way by your own inattention and apathy?
How do you say good bye to the man you will never know?
The man who survived a troubled childhood, a dark and terrible youth – a graduate of hard knocks.
I’m sorry I failed.  My tears flow for the you I did not know.
The lost opportunities to come.

I hope you found love and understanding in the life you created.  I know you chose a beautiful spot to make your stand.  I hope your friends remember you with kindness and love.  I hope they celebrate you and the man you became and your friendship and love.chudgins2013

Always in my memory and in my heart
Charles William Hudgins
August 2, 1960 – April 1, 2014


Dressed to the 9′s


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March snows
Dressed to the 9′s now
Carharts, down vests and all
When will spring arrive?







Once more we woke to the light fall of snow and temperatures below freezing.  I quickly glanced out the front door to take the picture.  This morning’s trip to the dog park inspired the haiky.  I felt like a 2-year-old bundled in my snow suit and boots with extra scarves to keep the wind out.


Morning in the field


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800px-09-03_NFlaWildTurkeysThey come slowly into the clearing, a study in brown -sinking into the snow-covered field. Males in their prime and full of life.  The jakes arrive from the other side of the clearing – young and light on their feet.  The two groups of males met at the feeding area – breakfast provided by the biologist.  We sat unmoving, watching their dignity – the displays of feathered tails.  Our binoculars focus on the beards and spurs. and we admire their length on the adults.

Our trap waits nearby – rockets primed and ready 800px-Female_wild_turkeysto fly.   Alas, we are looking for the hens, the mothers and daughters and after a four-hour wait they are nowhere to be seen.

(The photos of Wild Turkeys are from Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image to see the original)


Photographic thoughts


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Earlier (yesterday)  I was looking for a book on photographing nature and came across photographs by Art Wolf.  The color and the clarity awed me.  His pictures are wonderful.  Check out his website – (

Looking at his pictures, made me feel at first very lacking as a photographer.  But as I thought more about  differences and style and equipment – I didn’t feel as lacking.  I am not a professional – I take pictures as time allows or when the mood hits. I take pictures of scenes and people I like.  I try for a point of interest, a bit of brightness and color.

In Art Wolf’s photographs, I loved the sharpness, the clarity.  I look at my photographs and don’t see the same quality of sharpness.  It is something to work toward.

As Yoda once said, “Don’t try, do!”  Here’s to doing!  And that is what I will continue to do.   Thanks to all of you who look and comment on my wanderings and pictures.  I really do appreciate it!

Spring Beckens

Spring beckons

At the pond today
Cottonwoods and Willows light up
Wind chilled time moves on.



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