Playing with color

We are finally settling in to our new house, new neighborhood, new town and I have had a chance to get out the old camera and take pictures.  The following two are from a ordinary hibiscus plant growing in the San Diego Zoo.   I was just having fun with my picture editor (Picassa) and came up with these.   Let me know what you think.

Hibiscus in Blue
Hibiscus in Blue
Hibiscus in Violet
Hibiscus in Violet

Wisconsin April

Wisconsin April
Wisconsin April


Sepia colored fields, now frosted in green
Road-side snow,  a dim thought of winter past.

Hedge row shrubs bud and
the forsythia bloom.

Potatoes planted, onions are set,
rhubarb bursts from the rich dark loam.
April dances through the day in Wisconsin.W

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