Driving in sunshine,

Blinded and heading west,

Awkward time of year.


This is the time when driving west can get messy. One hand on the steering wheel and one hand to block out the sun as you attempt to see what cars or trucks or pedestrians are near you. Drive safely!


Morning sunshine

Cold fingers down my spine,

Waiting for vampires.


For 3 weeks, I have been trying to give blood at the local Red Cross center and they keep turning me away for low iron levels. I am feeling very frustrated this morning. Back to eating green leafy vegetables 🥬.

Waiting in line

Winter sun, warm walls,

Waiting in line, sunshine doze

Snow melting slowly.


Today was extremely wonderful. I went to the local bottle and can recycling center along with every one else in town. My garage is now empty of our winter collection of cans.