Wisconsin April

Wisconsin April
Wisconsin April


Sepia colored fields, now frosted in green
Road-side snow,  a dim thought of winter past.

Hedge row shrubs bud and
the forsythia bloom.

Potatoes planted, onions are set,
rhubarb bursts from the rich dark loam.
April dances through the day in Wisconsin.W

Golden Evenings


Corn stalks flash gold in the evening light,
Silos soar in the darkening sky.
Winter trees line the edge of the earth,
Waiting for the rush of sap from their roots
to the tips touching the sky.
Sepia colors of late winter slowly fade to hues of green
as spring walks down the road.

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February’s Snow

February’s snow lingers on the edge of gullies
and under the spray of road-side dust.
Winter coats hang limply, unsure of their future need.
Canada Geese and Red-tailed Hawks soar overhead
– looking for a nest or just a bit of rest.
Yesterday’s stream covers last year’s corn field,
bringing life – like the Nile of old.
Soon, the daffodils will shine.

Daffodil by road
Daffodil by road (from http://www.desktopwallpapers4.me/flowers/daffodils-15621/)


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