October 15

Bundled in sweaters,

Sun between the clouds feels warm,

Taking time to enjoy.


September 14

Thought today was gone,

Morning hikes and daffodils,

Soft kisses from you.

October 6

September days gone.

Cool days, longer hikes, and smiles.

Home with memories.

September 20

Change of topic – non-haiku.

I have been listening to some old cds as I scan in old  pictures.  Fun, but it does take a bit of time.  I found in my stash of cds one by Tom Russell, it is The Man From God Knows Where.  It is a series of songs about immigrants to the U.S., mostly Irish and Scandinavian.  It is worth a listen.

My great-great grand parents came from Ireland in 1854, running from the potato famine.  Another set of great, … grand parents came from England in the late 1700s.

I know this makes me a WASP – if anyone still uses that term.  However, we (or most of our families were immigrants at some point.  Remember this and show kindness to this eras immigrants.

(A link to the album – https://www.amazon.com/Man-God-Knows-Where/dp/B00000I73E)


September 18

Home again,we’re home.

Mountain peaks are memories.

Pictures to enjoy.