2019 #26

Clouds are moving in,

Birds huddle at my feeders.

Waiting for snowfall.


2019 #20

Driving home tonight,

Winter’s beckoning call seen.

Awe inspiring glee.

November 21

I’ve seen people talking about what they are great fun for.

So here is my list to date. I am grateful for

1. My wonderful husband,

2. My sometimes annoying dog,

3. My sisters-in-law,

4. My brothers-in-law,

5. Warm sunshine on my face,

6. Wonderful friends,

7. My fantastic son.

8. The ability to enjoy life.

More tomorrow. 😘

November 9 (again)

Earl morning snow,

Resting lightly on our trees

Sends chills through my bones.

November 9

I’ve said this before,

Leaden, gray skies bringing snow

To cover our leaves.