2019 #168

Visits are too short,

You are grown and living well,

Why so far away?

Visits from our son are treasured moments. It is hard not to see the young boy or the shy adolescent in his grownup demeanor. But as much as I want to keep him here under my watchful eyes, I must let him continue with his journey and pray we for another visit soon.

2019 #146

Looking at pictures,

From a child to youth to man,

Son, you fill my heart.


Somedays, I wish we lived closer to our son. LA is to far away and phone calls are never enough.

November 22

Grateful list continued. I am grateful for

9. Great doctors,

10. Master Gardener Programs,

11. My nieces and nephews,

12. My son (again) and his girlfriend,

13. Thanksgiving dinner,

14. Pumpkin pie,

15. Sunrises,

16. Rain,

17. Sunsets.

To be continued.

November 18

Eleven numbers,

Eighteen days, Four more to come,

Baited breath, I wait.