May 31

Not being a fish,

Can I be stuffed to the gills?

Thank you Pete’s Thai Kitchen.


April 24

Now that spring has finally arrived.  Potatoes are being planted in the garden as I write.  It seems that summer will come too quickly – I just wrote a check for yoga classes for the frogs-3095285__340summer.  They are wonderful and are held outside at the Dubuque Arboretum.  I can’t think of a better way to spend summer mornings.



But back to spring – I’m not ready for it to be summer – too many gardens to gardener-3336148__340clean out and plants to planted.  Enjoy the day!


April 4

Lovely orange carrots,

Your celebration is now,

Happy carrot day!

Today is International Carrot Day. Enjoy them raw or steamed, or baked or roasted.. with a touch of brown sugar or just with their natural sweetness!

For more information check out this site:

January 4

Winter’s cold crisp air
lays still on the snowy ground,
you fly overhead.

JPEG image-C18A37CA845D-1
Iowa view

Driving home this afternoon, I spotted a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk soaring about the snow covered fields.  He was too high to become part of the picture, but it is a nice view looking west along Military Road in Dubuque, IA.