February 18

I have made new friends.
They are small and very shy.
We shared the sunshine.


January 11

Why do we worry?
A loved one very far away
Hiking in summer.

Takitimu Forest - TJ
Takitimu Forest & Mountain Range  Copyright 2018 by Thomas N. Martin II (used with permission)

My son is in New Zealand walking the Te Araroa Trail through South Island.  I think the internet makes it harder. I watch the New Zealand weather reports and the Te Araroa facebook page.  And I worry. I think that comes with being a mother.

January 4

Winter’s cold crisp air
lays still on the snowy ground,
you fly overhead.

JPEG image-C18A37CA845D-1
Iowa view

Driving home this afternoon, I spotted a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk soaring about the snow covered fields.  He was too high to become part of the picture, but it is a nice view looking west along Military Road in Dubuque, IA.

January 2

Bird feeders sit idle
waiting for small visitors
– northern refugees.

It is cold here again.  The birds are in a grab and go mode.  They zoom in for a seed or a nut and return to the shelter of the near by trees.  The one good thing about today is I can see the sum.

jan 2