Morning songs, birds sing.
Dew damp grass, weeds are waiting.
Shoes, gloves show the mud.

agriculture backyard blur close up
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

May 31

Not being a fish,

Can I be stuffed to the gills?

Thank you Pete’s Thai Kitchen.

May 10

Great night for walking,

Downtown streets – great views and brews.

Dubuque lots of fun.

April 28

Street party part of Julien Dubuque Film Festival.

April 23

How do you know it is spring?

Motorcycles roaring down the road,

Flashes of green on roadway shrubs,

Yellow daffodils peeking through autumn leaves,

Birds singing in the early morning dark,

Baby rabbits hiding in the remains of last summer’s garden.

Tell me the signs oaf spring you look for.