What a Circle

Oh, what a circle we make.  I don’t remember where I heard or read the phrase – it is copyrighted some place, but it says so much.

A week ago, a friend, a mentor and a man I truly admired died.  I have spent the last week grieving and reading Facebook posts from the many, many people whose lives he touched.  Many of the posts are quite articulate and stirring,  some are only pictures equally touching.  The common thread in all of them is the love that all of his friends felt for him and the love and respect he returned.

As I prepare to attend his funeral, I reflect on Sensei Harp and the  15 years that I was privileged to know him.  Beside the sadness I feel, I also look forward to meeting others that knew him.   It will be a celebration of life in the honoring of the remarkable man, William Harp was and will continue to be in our lives.  A chance to make our circle stronger.

William Harp


4 thoughts on “What a Circle

  1. So terribly sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a dear mentor and friend. I’ve known some wonderful teachers over the years and I’m sure Sensei Harp’s wisdom, love and peace will be greatly missed.

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