Soke William Harp
In remembrance

Sensei William Harp



From my April 12, 2012 posting – Ken Ai – Reflections of a Sunday morn


Silver edge cuts now
Pale green leaves flash in sun light
Balanced blade in my hand

Breath is slow and sure
Shoulders relaxed, blade moving
Now raised, tip falls up

Three bows – aching knees
Sunday morning trilogy
Three draws – center – rise

Connect life and air,
Breathing in  – the sword rises
Breathing out – it falls

Sensei was a great mentor and friend.  I am totally in awe of his compassion, his teaching,  and his life.   Sensei, you will be missed and will always be in my heart.

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3 thoughts on “Sensei

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Sensei Harp. I wasn’t a member but was influenced through my son’s association with this wonderful man. My son also learned so much due to his close, close friendship with Sensei. The most important, I believe, is loyalty. My son, Ken Smith, is loyal to the Harp family, the Dojo and especially to Sensei William Harp’s vision of what the Dojo should mean and do for it’s members now and in the future. Rest In Peace Sensei Harp. Your influence on the lives you have touched will be a lasting tribute to your selflessness and vision.

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