The dog park

Spring has finally arrived in Rochester.  The temperature hit 61 degrees today, so it was a great day for the dog park.  Today it was dry with lots of people and four-legged friends.  (Last Sunday – it was mostly under water.)  Carwyn and I spent an hours enjoying the sunshine and meeting new friends.  Carwyn is a great socializer – He has to meet and greet every one that comes in.  He also loves to chase balls, other dogs, kids – anything that runs!  All in all, it was a great day!

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Tomorrow – we will venture back to the pond section of the dog park – lots of water to explore and then on the way home Carwyn will get a much-needed bath!

Hope this finds you all enjoying the day!


2 thoughts on “The dog park

  1. I hope we in the UK are never forced into “dog parks” we are allowed to let dogs loose in public parks so long as our dogs are controlled. I fear with some bad owners getting all dogs a bad name we could end up more restricted. Your Carwyn does seem to be having fun though. 🙂
    I recently did a posting of my dogs in our neighbourhood park (200 acres) called “Hamish and his crew”

    1. Unfortunately – most parks here require dogs to be on a leash, so we visit the dog park. Carwyn is 11 months old and walks on a leash do not dissipate his energy. And in the controlled environment I know I can get a lead on him when it is time to go home. Thanks for the comments – it is always wonderful to hear about dogs and their lives in other worlds/countries.

      PS I enjoyed your blog.

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