Morning in the field

800px-09-03_NFlaWildTurkeysThey come slowly into the clearing, a study in brown -sinking into the snow-covered field. Males in their prime and full of life.  The jakes arrive from the other side of the clearing – young and light on their feet.  The two groups of males met at the feeding area – breakfast provided by the biologist.  We sat unmoving, watching their dignity – the displays of feathered tails.  Our binoculars focus on the beards and spurs. and we admire their length on the adults.

Our trap waits nearby – rockets primed and ready 800px-Female_wild_turkeysto fly.   Alas, we are looking for the hens, the mothers and daughters and after a four-hour wait they are nowhere to be seen.

(The photos of Wild Turkeys are from Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image to see the original)


About rhudgins

I have recently retired and moved to the mid-west. We are learning how to live with relatives near by and are having fun living by Old Man River. I enjoy Haiku and photography and weaving. I have black belt in Kenai, and Isshinryu karate From Harp Karate in Rochester, NY.
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