Photographic thoughts

Earlier (yesterday)  I was looking for a book on photographing nature and came across photographs by Art Wolf.  The color and the clarity awed me.  His pictures are wonderful.  Check out his website – (

Looking at his pictures, made me feel at first very lacking as a photographer.  But as I thought more about  differences and style and equipment – I didn’t feel as lacking.  I am not a professional – I take pictures as time allows or when the mood hits. I take pictures of scenes and people I like.  I try for a point of interest, a bit of brightness and color.

In Art Wolf’s photographs, I loved the sharpness, the clarity.  I look at my photographs and don’t see the same quality of sharpness.  It is something to work toward.

As Yoda once said, “Don’t try, do!”  Here’s to doing!  And that is what I will continue to do.   Thanks to all of you who look and comment on my wanderings and pictures.  I really do appreciate it!

Spring Beckens
Spring beckons

At the pond today
Cottonwoods and Willows light up
Wind chilled time moves on.



3 thoughts on “Photographic thoughts

  1. I like the way that you approach this, Rhonda. I look at the work of others and in the midst of feeling inspired, it’s hard not for me to feel a little inadequate. It can be an overwhelming feeling, until I step away and think about the ways in which I am making modest progress in my photographic journey. Photography will not make me rich and famous, but it does help me express a part of my inner being to others (and to myself) in a creative way.

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