Moon Madness

Moon Madness © 2012 T.N. Martin

Moon Madness © 2012 T.N. Martin

Halloween has gone
Autumn’s cold breeze stirs the air
Whispering nothing.

Soon Winter’ first flight
Sun and moon vie for passage
A lonely flame bright.

Full moons light the sky
Shadows dance among the leaves
Never slowing us.


About rhudgins

I have recently retired and moved to the mid-west. We are learning how to live with relatives near by and are having fun living by Old Man River. I enjoy Haiku and photography and weaving. I have black belt in Kenai, and Isshinryu karate From Harp Karate in Rochester, NY.
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2 Responses to Moon Madness

  1. rhudgins says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your comments.

  2. D. J. says:

    So very nice. Moon Day was celebrated here not long ago and I got my first Moon Cake. I like the line…whispering nothing… and sun and moon vie fli

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