Autumn ramblings

Some mornings, I wake up instantly, others are slow-moving molasses mornings.  This morning is in the middle – I got up got my coffee and toast and crawled back into bed with my overdue library book.  I just had to finish it.  It isn’t a fantastic book, but it is over due at the library.    Now, an hour later, coffee finished, book read and I am sitting here at my computer.

I find my self thinking about endings,  the girl loves the guy, he loves her – story over.  The leaves on the Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’) tree turn reddish-gold, the maple(Acer spp.) leaves turn crimson, the tomatoes vines yellow and droop.  Are these endings?

Milkweed Blossom © 2012 R.M.Hudgins

The milkweed in our yard have transformed from the sweet-smelling balls of blossoms to hard cased pods.  Is this the end or just another transformation to continue until spring.

Milkweed pod © 2012 R.M.Hudgins

What changes do we go through as individuals?  I can find the teenager, the child still with me.   The mother, the wife.  They are part of me. What else is to come?

Leaves that fall slowly
Twist and swirl to meet the ground
Are part tree again.


One thought on “Autumn ramblings

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