Out like a lamb – Spring Haiku

It is another sunny day in Rochester, NY – the temperatures are in the normal range (40 degrees F.), not the summer weather we experienced last week.  My gardens have not been bothered by the hard frosts of the last few nights.  Our house sits on a slight down slope and is well protected by some large Norway maples,  arborvitae and Norway spruce.

Spring Haiku


Yellow blooms drift down
Leaves emerge from winter’s sleep
Lilacs bloom to soon.


(For my neighbors)
Neighbors yell and scold
Words said, George Carlin blushes
Ah, spring has arrived.


Winter’s cat – snow paws
Spring’s cat dreams of a bird now
I dream of no cats

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(Pictures include – our garlic planted last September, viburnum buds, lilac buds, flowering quince (2), blueberry buds, anemone and grape hyacinth.)

Pictures copyright by R. Hudgins 2012


About rhudgins

I have recently retired and moved to the mid-west. We are learning how to live with relatives near by and are having fun living by Old Man River. I enjoy Haiku and photography and weaving. I have black belt in Kenai, and Isshinryu karate From Harp Karate in Rochester, NY.
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