Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
 Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) picture copyright R.Hudgins

The snow flies south across the yard.  It collects on the branches of the barren maples and between the needles of our Douglas fir.  The feathered seed tufts of the pampas grass look like crystals of glass that would glow in the sunlight if it appeared.  It is February 12th and winter has finally arrived.

The road plows make their rounds – town plows, city plows, the local cowboys with plows attached to their pick-up trucks.  It is a job I do not want.  The hours – few in total, but long when it does.  There are driveways to plow when the snow reaches a depth of 2 inches.  Streets to plow and salt and in this process driveways to block with more snow.

The worst would be other drivers – most are average drivers – but add snow that reduces visibility, black ice hidden under the newest layer of snow – and drivers forget every thing known about driving in adverse conditions.  They laugh at speed limits – 20 mph or 50 mph – does it make difference?  Head lights and windshield wipers working at the same time, never.

I got to drive the new truck this morning, my poor little Saturn is having issues with the passenger window – I lowered it yesterday to remove the snow and it decided to stay down.  It was a chilly ride home.  It felt wonderful to be high above most cars, driving down the snow packed lanes of town.   With the radio set to my favorite country station, I am ready for any thing!

The truck handled beautifully.  We returned home without any undue adventures and ready to go again.

Winter  – Welcome Home!


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