jobs . . .

I began my career transition from a cubicle sitter (IT professional) to outdoors – animal lover in January 2006.  It began easily – classes at Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) in Canandaigua, NY.  I began with General Biology, Principles of Soils , Water & Forests, Introduction to Wildlife and Fish, Environmental Chemistry Testing and Analysis, Introduction to Wildlife Diseases and finally a long weekend course in Wild-land Fire Suppression.

My favorite class was the intro to wildlife and fish – there I learned that fish are not rectangular or are they necessarily covered in bread crumbs  or beer batter.  It was a struggle, but I did learn the differences between brown trout,  brook trout and rainbow trout.

While at FLCC, I did very little job hunting.  I perused the employment walls – looking at what was available.  The next step in my transition was a continuation of school.  I went to SUNY Brockport becoming a graduate student in Environmental Science and Biology.  Here I managed to acquire a work-study position for one year and a technical writing position for a set number of articles.  My summers were filled with my research for my thesis (that is a completely different story) and was funded by a grant through the NY Natural Heritage Program and NY Department of Environmental Conservation.  Graduation happened in May of 2010 and my first “real” position  began in April with the USDA – Plum Pox Virus Surveys in Western NY.  I have had two very wonderful summers with this group – alas it is only a seasonal job.

However, between summers – I believe I have sent out several hundred resumes.  Most go to never-never land – a world where there is no response from the job publisher/employer.  A few resumes receive the automatic e-mail response – Thank you for your résumé, we will review it and contact you if you fit our needs.  A very few resumes are rewarded with an e-mail or a phone call asking to set up a phone interview.  These are  the heart breaking resumes.  The adrenalin starts to push forward, the mind starts to day-dream about the possibilities of the new place, a salary, health insurance.  Then the phone interview starts.  The conversation is great – a connection is made.  The call ends  with “Thanks for your time – we’ll get back to you after we finish our other interviews” – in other words – don’t hold your breath.

My last call was yesterday.  It is for a position in Iowa.  I would love to be closer to family!  (See the day dreams have started.)   It was to last 45 minutes, the interviewers had 9 questions.  It felt like my oral comprehensive exam for my master’s degree.   I think the call lasted 20 minutes,  I’m not sure.  I was a bit brain stunned by the end with a lot of second guessing –  what did I actually say.  Here is where a prayer is needed.  Please let me have sounded like a sane and reasonable person that would be the best fit for this position!!!


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